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Health Benefits

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The Health Benefits

There are several health benefits of organic milk over conventional dairy products. A study has shown that the incidence of eczema in children who drink organic milk is reduced by as much as 36 percent. Other health benefits include less additives, more nutrients and more vitamins.Organic milk is on average 50 percent higher in vitamin E, 75 percent higher in beta carotene and two to three times higher in antioxidants. Cows in organic farms are allowed to graze on open pastures for at least a part of the year, and the rest of the time they are fed on conserved grass. This means they absorb many valuable nutrients from their food which they pass on to their milk.

Organic milk also contains up to 70 percent more Omega-3 fatty acids than regular milk. Much of the organic cow´s diet consists of red clover, which is rich in Omega-3 and other valuable nutrients.

Health Benefits
Organic farms do not use artificial pesticides or fertilisers, but prefer to use natural products and farm manure which leads to clean and healthy milk. It is estimated that the human body contains traces of up to 500 potentially harmful chemicals absorbed by our food, and regular milk might contain pesticide chemicals.It is believed that the routine use of antibiotics on conventional farms is linked to the emergence of bacteria resistant to antibiotics, or superbugs. Organic farms only distribute antibiotics to their animals when there is no other option, often using natural remedies instead. A cow on medicine is removed from production in order to provide milk without traces of antibiotics.

Crops containing genetically modified organisms, GMOs, may contain antibiotic resistance genes. These could transfer to bacteria and create superbugs which could threaten the lives of cows and humans alike. Organic cows are only fed natural products without GMOs.

The Mad Cow disease is known to have been spread by cattle feed containing slaughter by-products. Conventional farms are still allowed to feed their cows blood, gelatine, fats and grease from animal and human food waste, among other products. Organic farms on the other hand give their cows strictly vegetarian food. No cow born and raised on an organic farm has ever contracted the Mad Cow disease.

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