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Why Go Organic?

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Go Organic

Why Go Organic?

We at Go Dharmic consider compassion towards farm animals to be very important. Regardless of whether people eat meat or not, we are all responsible for the welfare of animals. Pledging to drink organic milk means choosing to support happier and healthier cows.

On some conventional farms, cows are often treated like part of the machinery. Some spending all their lives indoors, never to see daylight or open pastures. They are made to carry one calf a year and are intensively milked during their short lives. Calves are separated from their mothers at an early age and are either sold for slaughter or, in the case of female calves, reared on powdered milk and eventually placed in the dairy herd. At around four to five years of age they are past their peak producing age and ready to be sold for slaughter.

Organic farms offer certain benefits for the animals and for us. Although cows are sent for slaughter when their productive time is over, they are fed on natural products and allowed to graze in open pastures. No organic cow has ever had mad cow disease.

“Non-violence is the highest Dharma”
“What is Dharma? Compassion for all things which have life.”
Hitopadesa 1.157

At a slaughter-free farm, cows are sent to retirement when they no longer produce milk where they live out their full lives in peace. Calves grow up with their mothers and drink their milk until they are naturally weaned. They are free to graze in the open and eat natural products without chemical pesticides or genetically modified cattle feeds.

The cow is important to many cultures and has been instrumental in the development of agriculture. It provides milk for us just like a mother does for her child. This is a relationship that should be protected and never abused.

Our goal is to see Dharmic slaughter-free milk available in every store across the country, where no cows were killed in the production process. A step in this direction is to encourage people to drink organic milk or, whenever possible, milk from a slaughter-free farm.

If you drink milk, consider taking the pledge with us and Go Organic. By supporting this campaign, you support farmers who treat their animals with respect and kindness. It is a first important step towards a better life for thousands of cows and more slaughter-free farms.

We hope to see individuals, businesses, temples, churches and mosques take this collective pledge to purchase organic milk. Together we can move forward and renew our sacred relationship with cows and with nature.

Our goal is to see Dharmic Slaughter free milk a reality across the country, where no cows are killed, and they are treated with the respect they deserve.

If you drink milk the first compassionate step is to take a pledge with us and go Organic. We hope to see Individuals, businesses, temples, churches, mosques, all take this collective pledge to purchase organic milk as a step towards renewing this sacred relationship with cows and with nature.

“So with a boundless heart, Should one cherish all living beings:
Radiating kindness over the entire world. Lord Buddha”
Metta Sutta 1-3.



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