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Doing What You Believe

Hanuman Dass Written by Hanuman Dass
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We all want to be true to our beliefs, this lovely story illustrates how easily we can get carried away with our beliefs and not so true in actual practise. It may be easy to fast physically but what if you are thinking about food all day? It is not just the act that is important it is also the intention and attachment to the result of the act.

Two travelling saints reached a river where they met a beautiful young woman. Wary of the rivers strong current, she kindly asked the saints if they could carry her across.
The younger saint hesitated, but the elder one quickly thrust her up onto his shoulders, and carried her across the river, placed her down on the other bank. She greatly thanked him and went on her way.

The saints continued on their way, but a few days later, the younger one was still agitated and preoccupied with what he felt was a great sin. Unable to hold his silence, he lashed out to his senior, “Brother, our spiritual training and tradition teaches us to avoid any contact with women! How could you dare to pick that lady up and carry her as you did!?”

“My dear brother,” the older, wiser saint replied, “I left the lady way back on the other side of the river and two days have past, but you my friend are still carrying her.”

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