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Don’t stay quiet on this… Piglets fed to their mothers.

Hanuman Dass Written by Hanuman Dass
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Recently I watched Twelve years a slave. You cannot help but feel saddened at how low we as humans can go, the beatings and lashings, the hard labour, the terrible living conditions, children being separated from their parents. I literally had tears in my eyes as the so called slave owners provided biblical justifications whilst viciously whipping innocent young children. I firmly believe that this is not the message of Christ but the message of blind greed and that any sane person wishing to see the essence of Christ’s message will find the love he stood for.

Before looking down at the slave owners, we need to look at the suffering we currently inflict on other beings in the world today. Suffering which we largely allow to pass in Wilful blindness without saying a word. Of course there is much human suffering still occurring in the world but this blog is primarily concerned with the current state of factory farming.

This new horrific video produced by the Humane Society of the United States shows slaughtered baby piglets being fed to their mothers who are confined in gestation cages.

What kind of peaceful world can we ever have if this nightmarish existence is created for animals. As a vegan I constantly encounter joking arguments from friends who consider me crazy for not eating meat, I know they mean no harm, but in a scary way I feel it is similar to those who ridiculed individuals who spoke up about the slave trade. Speaking up for animals is perhaps even more crucial for them we are their only hope. The work of the animal liberation movement and organisations working for compassionate farming has been crucial to the improvement of conditions for animals but so much more needs to be done.

Whether you choose to eat meat or not, please do not ignore the tremendous suffering of these helpless beings. In my opinion, one of the core teachings of Hinduism is compassion and love for all living beings and I believe modern animal factory farming and the video I have shared here to be the absolute antithesis to Hindu Philosophy. As Jajali rightly says in the Mahabharata:

Causing no harm to any living being, or at least as little harm as possible, is the way of life that represents the highest expression of dharma. That is the rule by which I live, Jajali.

Please don’t stay quiet on this. If only a single person watches it and feels compassion for these pigs, it is a step towards shifting our collective consciousness towards a better, safer, less violent world.

राम राम

Hanuman Dass



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