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Ramcharitmanas 1. Ram Navami

Hanuman Dass Written by Hanuman Dass
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Happy Ram Navami, the scriptures indicate that today was the day that Shri Rama took birth here on Earth. May thoughts of him bring love and compassion into your hearts.

Below I have presented according to my own feelings the first prayer from the Ramacharitmanas.

A Prayer

First and foremost, I worship Lord Ganesh, and Vani, the Goddess of the speech.

I worship Parvati together with Lord Shiva, they are pure faith personified, it is indeed impossible to even grasp the nature of God without their grace.

My dear Lord Shiva! I worship you, for you are the eternal guru, with the crescent moon residing on your brow, you are eternal knowledge and wisdom.

To the greatest of poet-saints, Valmiki, and to mighty Lord of the monkeys, Hanuman, how lovingly you both live in the sacred forests, which nothing but the eternal glories of Sita and Rama.

I forever worship Sita, the beloved of Rama, who is the source of all creation, sustenance, and destruction, the source of all blessings and remover of all afflictions.

I forever worship Rama, who is the cause of all causes, whose illusory maya hides reality from all living beings. It is your presence alone which gives rise to the cosmos as we see it.  Just as a rope can be mistaken for a snake, the true reality is hidden by this maya.

Your holy feet are the only bark by which the Buddhas can cross this vast ocean of this material world.

For his own self, Tulasidas has composed this most beautiful retelling of the story of Rama. It is in accordance with the sacred scriptures such as the Vedas and the Puranas, it is in accordance with Valmiki’s great work and other great retellings.

May Lord Ganesh, whose very name brings auspiciousness shower grace upon us. May the Lord, whose grace allows even an incompetent person such as myself to even look at such a masterpiece such as the Ramayana, the same Lord through whose grace a cripple can climb a mountain with ease, the same Lord who burns away the suffering of this age of conflict (Kali Yuga), may he be moved by our devotion.

May the Lord who rests upon the primordial ocean, who resembles a blue lotus flower, be seated within my heart. May Lord Shiva, the destroyer of lust, who resembles the moon, and is an ocean of compassion be moved by our devotion.

I bow to my Guru Shri Neem Karoli Baba. He is an ocean of compassion. For me, he is no other than the lord personified. His words are akin to sunbeams enlightening my soul in this all too dark age of ignorance.





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