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Ram Ram Ram Ram

Hanuman Dass Written by Hanuman Dass
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Lovely as a jasmine and a blue lotus, of surpassing strength, repositories of wisdom, endowed with natural grace, excellent bowmen, hymned by the vedas, and lovers of the cow and Saintly people who appeared in the form of mortal men through their own Maya as the two noble scions of Raghu, the armours of true dharma, friendly to all and journeying in quest for Sita, may they both grant us Devotion.

– V1.Kishinand, RamaCharitamanas.

Tulasidas has created a work of unmatched devotion to Lord Rama. His words are tears of love and reading the manas is experiencing that love. Lord Rama is the repository of all good qualities; He is God and Dharma itself. Any seeker of the essence of religion can relate to Tulasidas and his bhakti. Personally I have developed a great love for this work especially the Sunderkand and the exploits of his great devotee Hanuman. Lord Rama searched for Sita, this was Dharma and we can personally bring that into our lives by working for any Dharmic cause that we feel strongly for. Whether it be raising money for Cancer research or assisting an old Lady down the stairs. I feel those acts of Kindness and Dharma are part of Lord Rama.

I thank the great saint Tulasi das for guiding me to the Lotus feet of Shri Ram.



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