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Ramacharitmanas 45. Sita & Rama: A Blessing to the World

Hanuman Dass Written by Hanuman Dass
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45. Sita & Rama: A Blessing to the World

This glorious story is like a holy river washing our souls.
Look in my eyes, I share it with sincere love in my heart.
Come and enter the sacred forest of Sita and Rama’s acts and experience the bliss of unconditional love.
The acts of Rama are like jewels of wisdom for saintly beings, and a true blessing for this world, accept this gift with love in your heart, it is the gift of freedom from all suffering if adorned.

These stories of Rama teach us unconditional love, wisdom, equanimity, non-attachment, yoga. By simply loving Rama, you naturally give up all that is harmful, take vows, practice your religion, but keep God in your heart at all times. In this world or any other to come, I want nothing but to live in the sacred forest of love.

Sita and Rama are like a lions in my mind, slaying the dangerous animals of lust, greed, and anger. Sita and Rama are like clouds in my mind pouring rains on the thirsty crops nourishing my hungry heart. They are like the Sun enlightening all who enter their sacred forest.

Sita and Rama are all of the pleasures you can imagine harvested together, they are every act of goodness, and the Ganga nourishing all as it passes.

These stories of Rama are a blessing to this world, they are like a great fire burning all of the dry wood of evil, hurtfulness, deceit, insincerity and ill feeling which we experience in Kali Yuga.

Sita and Rama are like the calming sight and rays of the full moon, they will be agreeable to those who seek the light within their lives, but not to those who force themselves to sleep.

Jai Shri Rama!

Hanuman Dass
Sunday, 7th June 2015
Ramacharitmanas 45. A Blessing to the World





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