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Ramacharitmanas 5. Greetings to the Hostile Ones.

Hanuman Dass Written by Hanuman Dass
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Here we see the beauty of the Lords true devotee, who sees with equal vision the good and the bad. He knows that there are malevolent beings in the world, but through the power of his example even they can be transformed.  Vinoba Bhave comes to my mind, when in prison, even his jailors who detained and hurt the prisoners, sat by his feet as he taught the Bhagavad Gita.

Greeting the Hostile Ones.

I greet the hostile ones from the bottom of my heart. Some people are hostile even to those who are friendly to them. They view the loss of others as their own gain, they even delight in the suffering of others.  They constantly try to eclipse the glory of even Vishnu and Shiva, similar to how the moon eclipses the Sun. Indeed, they are very talented at causing problems for others, they see the faults of others as if with a thousands and their mind plots devious plans like a fly to butter.  In splendor they are akin to a bright fire, and in anger like the God of death himself. Their attributes are crime and anger.  Like a shooting star they they are fast to speak ill of others.  Like Kumbakarana, the sleepy giant brother of Ravana, their fall alone brings prosperity to the world. They risk their lives to harm others, just like hailstones dissolve after destroying crops in the fields. I bow and greet these hostile ones, harsh words are forever dear to them just as the thunderbolt is dear to Indra. They burn with jealousy as they hear of the welfare of others, even if they are related to them.  Knowing all of this, I stand before them with my palms joined in prayer.





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