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Ramacharitmanas 6. The Good and the Bad

Hanuman Dass Written by Hanuman Dass
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Having praised the hostile ones, who must not fail to perform their part we must move on. However kindly we speak to vultures, can we ever expect them to become vegetarians? I stand humbled in prayer before the good and the bad, the saint and the sinner. Of course, there is a difference between the two.  It causes great pain to part from meeting with the saintly, but the wicked cause us pain whilst meeting with them. Although both alike are born in this world, they are differ like the lotus flower and the leech which both arise from water.   The saintly are like nectar, but the wicked like wine, both coming from the same unfathomable source. Both become famous for their actions, the saintly for their pious actions, the wicked for all kinds of unholy acts. The good are prone to goodness, the wicked towards wickedness. Spiritual nectar is praised for liberation where as poison brings only danger.

The world is full of the good and the bad. Their features cannot all be explained here. The scriptures explain both arise from the same source, the Vedic scriptures teach us to differentiate between the two.  The Vedas, the Ithihasas, the Puranas call declare these polar opposites.  The nature of life is full of these opposites, pain and pleasure, the wicked and the saintly, nectar and poison, day and night, life and death, demons and Gods, high and low, illusion and reality, rich and poor, it is the Vedas which teach us how to know good from bad.

This world has been created with both the good and the bad, it is the saints which embody the goodness we all seek, may we through their grace, find the path to righteousness.




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