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The Beautiful Chapter: Lost in love

Hanuman Dass Written by Hanuman Dass
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While I was working on the translation of The Beautiful Chapter: The Sunderkanda, I really felt like I was lost in love. The pain of separation from the beloved, the outpouring of love for Rama and for Rama’s love for his devotees. It is indescribable, in fact Shri Rama says that only his heart truly understands what this love is all about.’ This is what being lost in Love is all about. I had to pause my work and share this part with you:

Hanuman could not bear to see mother Sita in so much pain, he said in a calming tone, “Mother, Shri Rama and his brother are both well, but you should know that he suffers greatly when you suffer. Do not lose heart mother, Shri Rama loves you more than you could ever know. “
“Please be calm as I wish to share Shri Rama’s message with you.” From uttering even the name of Shri Rama, Hanuman felt shivers of love and devotion run through him, his eyes filled with tears and he spoke full of emotion.
Shri Rama said, “Dear Sita, since we have become separated, everything seeps upside down. The freshness of leaves seem like evil fire flames, beautiful nights have become like the end of time, the cool moon is now like a burning sun. Lotus flowers look like spears to me, when the clouds pour rain it’s like I’m being covered in boiling oil. The cool autumn breeze in the forest is similar to the hissing of a venomous snake. All the things in the world that were enjoyable before are now no more than causes for pain. The pain is reduced by speaking about it; but who can I speak to? Nobody understands my heart. My beloved Sita, the truth is that only my heart understands the reality of the love between me and you. “

Looking forward to sharing more soon.

Jai Shri Ram

Hanuman Dass



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