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Hindus in the UK are going Organic

Hanuman Dass Written by Hanuman Dass
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Immediate release: Thursday 16th February 2012.

All across the UK Hindu Temples, organisations, companies and families are pledging to buy organic milk. So far the internet campaign has over 3000 registered pledges and 17 Organisations involved including some of the largest Hindu temples in the country. The cause has found particular favour on with 12,400 followers to date.
The campaign could not be timelier with the rise in applications for industrial dairy operations to host thousands of cows, threatening to change the landscape of the UK farming industry. [1] This small but significant step indicates the wish for dairy farming where animal welfare is given the highest priority.
Go Dharmic Project manager Hemal Randerwala said “Many Hindus are vegetarian, but now we are seeing a shift towards organic too. It is my hope that people will now consider choosing organic as a Dharmic choice.”

The campaign is aiming to:
– Increase awareness about the dairy industry and the benefits of organic milk
– Promote Dharma (Innate sense of right action) as a universal guide to decision making on what we support through our purchasing habits to all communities.
– Work with Organic farmers across the UK to develop milk from cows where there is no slaughter involved in the process.
– Have all Hindu Temples and other Dharmic organisations take the pledge to wherever possible use organic milk as a step to slaughter free milk.

MP for Preston Mark Hendrix said of the campaign, it is great to see this work raising awareness on issues that affect animal welfare’.

Martin Palmer, Director of ARC, The alliance for religions and conservation was quoted saying “The sacred cow has often been a source of much amusement in the west because they never understood it. If we were to take seriously what the sacred cow stands for, this provider, this mother of our needs, and understood what the Dharmic traditions have been saying all along. This could revolutionize the way we eat.”


For More information visit or contact:

Nimesh Gokal +44 (0)7944899960
Ajay Randerwala +44 (0)7751219091

Quotes & Notes:

[1] The proposal for a mega dairy at Nocton in Lincolnshire, involving between 3,770 and 8,100 dairy cows, has recently been withdrawn, but it would have been the biggest of its kind by far in the UK.

The cow is of central importance for economic development in the 21st Century. It can assist with organic farming, excellent natural fertilizers for the land, positive environmental impact, and healthy milk for the people.
Dr Wallabh Kathiria, Chairman, Gau Seva Ayog, Gujarat Government, India.

The plight of the dairy cows is profoundly connected to the global issues that face us all. I am hopeful that you will switch to organic dairy products. It is time to be kind to the cows and the earth.
Ranchor Prime, Author & Researcher on Hindu Environmental Issues

Comfortable, contented cows that live longer, healthier lives are the goal of all organic farmers. The GoDharmic campaign aims to raise the bar of animal welfare and make well being in the dairy industry, helping to make it truly compassionate.
Richard Green, OMSCo (Organic Milk Suppliers Cooperative)

This is a matter of our faith and duty; we support and respect your efforts and the way the Go Dharmic campaign is being projected.
Shri.Brij Mohan Gupta, President, National Council of Hindu Temples (UK)



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