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Featured Pledges and Opinions

The strength of our campaign relies on the support we receive from the people of Britain. The following people have chosen to take the pledge to Go Organic.

Martin Palmber, Director - ARC

Alpesh Patel - Chief Exec, Praefinium Partners

Bharti Tailor
Secretry General
Hindu Forum of Europe
Himsa comes in many forms. In today’s times sometimes it is difficult to know when one becomes party to himsa. I was shocked to find the cruelty involved in producing my pinta, until quite recently, but I am better informed now.


Alpesh Patel
Chief Exec, Praefinium Partners
When the oldest of faiths informs me of my sacred duties, duties which benefit other living creatures, then I am reminded of Einstein’s words: ‘those who have the privilege to know, have the duty to act’ – I fully endorse the work of Go Dharmic and the excellent tireless work of Hemal Randerwala


Satish Kumar, photograph by James Hill

Martin Palmber, Director - ARC

Satish Kumar
Author – Editor, Resurgence Magazine
We should care for all living beings not only human beings, this is a great campaign.


Martin Palmer Martin PalmerDirector, Alliance of Religions & ConservationThe sacred cow has often been a source of much amusement in the west because they never understood it. If we were to take seriously what the sacred cow stands for, this provider, this mother of our needs, and understood what the Dharmic traditions have been saying all along. This could revolutionize the way we eat.


Swami Parthasarthy

Ranchor Prime
Swami Parthasarathy

They pump hormones into them, keep them in harsh conditions, then when they get sick they call it mad cow disease! It should be called mad Human disease!


Ranchor Prime
Author & Researcher on Hindu Environmental Issues
The plight of dairy cow is profoundly connected to the global issues that face us all. I am hopeful that you will switch to organic dairy products. it is time to be kind to the cows and the Earth.


Jane Winter - FbRN

Mark Hendrick MP

Jane WinterProgramme Manager

Faith Based Regeneration Network

Every faith or religious tradition holds the care of the earth deep in its principles and values. Caring for the earth means rethinking how we use the resources our world provides remembering they come from a source greater than ourselves. This includes the things we eat and drink. Going organic is not a trendy option. It is a clear way of saying our world matters and it is our responsibility to care. That is why the Faith based Regeneration Network is supporting GoDharmic. We hope more faith communities will join us in our support.


Mark HendrickLabour & Co-operative

Member of Parliament for Preston

It is very important that animal are treated well and treated properly, unlike humans they are unable to speak for themselves, therefore it is very important that people are compassionate when it comes to farming.


Dr Vallabh Kathiria

Dr Vallabh KathiriaChairman, Gau Seva Ayog,

Gujarat Government, India.

The cow is of central importance for economic development in the 21st Century. It can assist with organic farming, excellent fertilizers for the land, positive environmental impact, and healthy milk for the people.



Alpa Joshi

Ganesh Festival Attendee
Ganpati Visarjan - Southend
Alpa Joshi – Actress


Ganesh Festival Attendee


Ganpati Visarjan – Southend


Dr Khanna - Dr Jyoti Ganesh Festival Southend
Navratri Leicester, The Kapital Venue
2011-08-29 10.28.13
Dr Khanna & Dr Jyoti

Navratri – Leicester


Monty Panesar – Cricketer



The strength of our campaign relies on the support we receive from the people of Britain. The following organisations have chosen to take the pledge to Go Organic. If you know of a business or organisation that might be interested in taking the pledge to support organic milk, please contact

Eastern Venture
National Vegetarian Week
Council Of Dharmic Faiths UK
Lancashire Gujarat Health Users Forum
Preston Telugu Community Association - Sankranthi
Preston Telugu Community Association

Jain Network
Arise Arjuna - NSHF - 19-11-2011
National Hindu Students Forum





Luton Navratri 01-01-2011
Om Unity – Luton

Sindhi Community House
Cricklewood, London

Sattavis Patidar Centre, Navratri 2011

Sattavis Patidar Centre

Hindu Academy
Wembley, London

Navratri Leicester, The Kapital Venue

Kirans Tiffin

SKLP - Navratri 29-09-2011
Shree Kutch Leva Patel Community

2011-09-28 20.38.43

Indian Cultural Association – Herts

Presenting pledge certificate and HH Radhanath Swami signed leaflet

Bhaktivedanta Manor

Rashmi Fulchand – Art of Living


Jalaram Judpadi Virpur Dham taking the plege to GO ORGANIC!!
Jalaram Temple Hounslow

Luton Hindu Temple




Rev Susan Hill St Marks Church


Rev. Susan Hill – St Marks Church, Southend



Maitri Ltd Taking the Pledge

Maitri Ltd – Health food retailer



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